About Us

Burn with Kearns was founded in 2004 by Coach Kevin Kearns to help a broad cross section of individuals achieve ambitious fitness and wellness goals in the most efficient and natural means possible. Thus, our mantra: More Fitness, Less Time, Better Results.

Every day we strive to provide our clients personal training and wellness services that are highly individualized and which greatly enhance their total ell being. Our client base includes: professional athletes, entrepreneurs, working mothers, medical professionals, student athletes, retired individuals and hard working individuals in diverse industries. They all share a supreme passion to constantly and continuously improve their themselves. 

To serve more audiences, we produce a growing series of Strength and Conditioning DVDs that can be used for training in virtually any sport. With the production of these products and partner relationships with companies such as BOSU, BodyBlade and Purmotion, ShopBurnwithKearns.com was established to provide distribution and order fulfillment.  

To further leverage our experience and unique methods, we provide fitness professionals, athletic coaches and trainers certification courses and seminars both on site and online, including the MMA Fitness Trainer Course and Certification Program.

In addition, we work one-on-one with members of the fitness community to enhance their personal and professional development.

Burn with Kearns' has developed innovative group programming for health clubs and corporate wellness centers. Most recently, the MMA Fighter Fit class was introduced at the 2011 IDEA World Conference in Los Angeles.


Participants from a Burn with Kearns Seminar